Measure your digital culture
Learn how to improve

Fast. Empowering. Efficient.

How long will it take?

15 minutes per function

Who is it for?

Leaders seeking digital super powers

Fast AND effective, really?

Yes, expert wisdom x smart algorithm

ASSESS your performance across multiple Digital Culture dimensions


Does leadership have sufficient knowledge and ability to lead digital change?


Can you build digital skills and technology-enabled operations?


Do you have a culture supportive of experimentation and innovation?


Do you drive and measure your digital strategy with data?

Question & Answer

Respond to questions designed to evaluate important digital capabilities.

No preparation / no workshops needed.

Requires approximately 10 minutes of uninterrupted attention.

However, all responses and status are maintained.
If interrupted, you can also pick up where you left off.

ANALYZE your digital culture performance

Smart algorithm calculates performance identifying strengths and weaknesses

Visualization of Performance

Multiple charts and tables reveal overall performance and strengths / weaknesses in relevant dimensions.

Descriptive Summary of Performance

Descriptive summary of performance and highlights of significant performance variances.

Visualization of Consensus

For multiple participant assessments, the consensus is measured and visualized:  your scores versus total and consensus at the top-line and sub-dimension levels.  

Invitation-sharing instruction makes it easy to expand your assessment perspective.

Learn how to IMPROVE

Receive improvement recommendations based on your performance & strategic objectives

Top 5 Recommendations & Impact Simulation

Recommendations are provided based on your performance.
These can be further fine-tuned by prioritizing the strategic elements: customer, efficiency and revenue.

Keep Going, Pay Attention and Improve Now

List of capabilities you need to continue, not let performance degrade, and urgently improve.

Implementation Guide

Includes the Top 5 Recommendations

You are 15 Minutes to Answers

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Build confidence with best practice digital assessment & recommendations

Validate current plans and be sure you are working on the right things. DxPathfinder assesses your digital capabilities against best practices and delivers a prioritized list of 5 improvements for each business function.

Get Confirmation

Ensure your plan doesn't have gaps

Is my current plan good? Plans need constant evaluation to remain viable.

Get Focus

Focus on the critical few

Am I doing too little or too much? Recommendations are evaluated against complexity, payback, and impact.

Measure Progress

Periodic assessments reveal progress

Are we getting better?  Forward momentum build organization support for change.

In Case You Are Wondering...

How long does a DxPathfinder assessment take to complete?

On average the full assessment takes 15-20 minutes for each selected function to complete from start to finish. We recommend you to set aside the time and complete each function in one go, but you can always resume it at a later time if you get interrupted.

Should I worry about privacy?

No! Your data is yours. We won’t share your personal data with anyone without your explicit prior consent. Company profiles and diagnostic responses and results are used for analytical purposes but only anonymously. In other words analytics are performed without any reference to company name. The company name provided is used solely to generate results reports that are only sent to the consultation owner.

Is DxPathfinder a free service?

Absolutely. DxPathfinder is new service and we are collecting market and user feedback. During this beta period the service is free. Of course we need to make money at some stage however our intent is to keep the core assessment service free.

Is DxPathfinder a substitute for a consultant?

That depends on your performance. It will tell you if you need one, and if so, specifically where saving you a lot of time and money.

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