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Jan Strauven
Director Digital Transformation @ Baloise
Quite easy and straightforward. Detailed enough to generate interesting results. We have done a similar assessment with bigger players and your method generated similar results and was shorter and easier. I would highly recommend DxPathfinder to companies that want answers fast, with limited effort and cost.

Respond to guided questions

Fast: 15 minutes per function. Easy: no preparation required.

Analeen Vens
Head Digital Transformation @ Renson
Easy and simple process. The assessment confirmed what we already knew and made us questions areas not really considered before.  The assessment helped us build internal consensus on where we are and priorities.  

See where you are strong and need improvement

Analytics evaluate your performance and reveal your strengths and weakness.

Arzu Balci profile
Arzu Balci
General Manager @ iConec Wave
I was surprised at how easy it was. It confirmed some things we knew and made us think about others we hadn't considered.

Invite multiple participants

Get a view from multiple perspectives and measure the degree of consensus.

Patrick Miller profile
Patrick Miller
President @ iConec Wave
The first step to transformation success is gaining consensus on where you are. DxPathfinder helped us identify where we had agreement and where we needed to do some education and communication.

Receive improvement recommendations

Receive improvement recommendations based on your performance and strategic priorities.

Serge Beser profile
Serge Beser
General Manager @ Clixray
Knowing where you are weak is often not the challenge - it is knowing how to improve. The recommendations took into account our priorities and saved us a lot of time prioritizing the various interests.

Get a list of solution providers who can help

Based on your improvements see who can help.

Tim Sheridan profile
Tim Sheridan
President @ Connected Insight
Instead of engaging a consultant who is only interested in selling what they do, the platform told us what we needed most and who could help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a DxPathfinder assessment take to complete?

On average the full assessment takes 15-20 minutes for each selected function to complete from start to finish. We recommend you to set aside the time and complete each function in one go, but you can always resume it at a later time if you get interrupted.

Is DxPathfinder a free service?

Your DxPathfinder user journey is free from the assess stage through function level analysis! For an additional fee you can invite additional participants to measure consensus and gain access to advanced improvement portfolio analytics.

Should I worry about privacy?

No! Your data is yours. We won’t share your personal data with anyone without your explicit prior consent. Company profiles and diagnostic responses and results are used for analytical purposes but only anonymously. In other words analytics are performed without any reference to company name. The company name provided is used solely to generate results reports that are only sent to the consultation owner.

Is DxPathfinder a substitute for a consultant?

That depends on your performance. It will tell you if you need one, and if so, specifically where saving you a lot of time and money.

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